4 NHS considerations

4 NHS considerations

System impact


Claimed system benefits in the case for adoption presented by the sponsor included a statement that the ReCell Spray‑On Skin system ('ReCell') may lead to a reduction in:

  • the length of hospital stay because weekly rather than daily dressing changes are needed, allowing earlier discharge and outpatient management

  • the need for re‑dressings under anaesthetic.

Committee considerations


The Committee was advised by clinical experts that in large full or deep partial thickness burns, length of stay in hospital is influenced by many factors in addition to wound healing time. These factors include other injuries sustained at the time of the burn such as inhalation injuries, existing comorbidities and psychosocial factors. The Committee concluded that further research would be necessary in a carefully selected group of patients to determine the effect of using ReCell on length of hospital stay, because the resource implications were unclear.


The Committee accepted the findings from the External Assessment Centre's report that there was variation in practice in the frequency and nature of dressing changes, types of dressing used and use of anaesthesia. The Committee considered that evidence about the possible effect of using ReCell on the resources used in dressing changes could be gathered in further research.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)