2 The technology

2 The technology


Endocuff Vision (Norgine Pharmaceuticals) is a single-use, disposable device which fits over the end of most conventional colonoscopes. It has a row of flexible arms, hinged at the base, which are retracted during insertion and spread out during withdrawal. These arms push out the mucosal folds of the colon, allowing more of the mucosal surface to be viewed. This helps with identifying colonic polyps, specifically adenomas and adenocarcinomas, and increases the likelihood of complete resection, as well as helping post-resection scar examination. Endocuff Vision received a CE mark in August 2016 as a class I sterile medical device.

Innovative aspects

The row of flexible arms is designed to increase the diagnostic sensitivity of colonoscopy investigation by increasing the total surface area of the visual field. The company claims that using Endocuff Vision can also improve the stability of the colonoscope and control of the tip.

Intended use

Endocuff Vision is intended to be used as an add-on to a standard colonoscope for people having a colonoscopy:

  • for an unexplained change in bowel habit, iron deficiency or bleeding from the bowel (including those with positive faecal occult blood test or faecal immunochemical test result)

  • to remove known polyps, which may be difficult to find, remove or ablate because of their size, position, or previous incomplete removal

  • for surveillance, after previous adenoma removal

  • as part of bowel screening investigations following a positive faecal occult blood test.

Endocuff Vision is not intended for deep ileal intubation. It should not be used in people with acute, severe colitis or if there is known colonic stricture. It should not be used for complex sub-mucosal dissection when a separate distal attachment is needed.


The cost of an Endocuff Vision sleeve is £12.05 (excluding VAT) per unit. Endocuff Vision has been selected for the NHS Innovation and Technology (ITP) Payment 2018/19 scheme.

For more details, see the ITP product information for Endocuff Vision.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)