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NICE has assessed Zio XT for detecting cardiac arrythmias to help the NHS decide whether to use this product.

Zio XT is a remote electrocardiogram monitoring service used to detect cardiac arrhythmias. It can be worn for up to 14 days. Evidence shows that people prefer Zio XT to 24‑hour Holter monitoring, which is standard care in the NHS. Evidence also shows that more people are diagnosed with cardiac arrythmias with Zio XT.

Zio XT is recommended for people who would benefit from monitoring for longer than 24 hours.

There is not a lot of evidence about resource use and the long-term consequences of using Zio XT, so NHS organisations should collect evidence about this. Also, they should make sure that the person using it consents to their data being used, and ensure the service complies with general data protection regulations.

ISBN: 978-1-4731-3732-5

This page was last updated: 01 December 2020