2 The technology


2.1 DyeVert Systems (Osprey Medical) are designed to reduce the amount of contrast media given during coronary and peripheral angiography in a cardiac catheterisation or vascular radiology suite. The system uses a pressure-responsive valve to divert excess contrast medium while maintaining image quality, to reduce the risk of contrast-induced acute kidney injury (AKI).

2.2 There are 2 models of the DyeVert System. DyeVert Plus EZ Contrast Reduction System is compatible with manual contrast injectors. A smart syringe connects to a standard manifold and is manually operated by the clinician to inject the dye into the module that contains the diversion valve. A monitor displays both the total administered and total diverted contrast volume using Bluetooth communication with the smart syringe. DyeVert Power XT Contrast Reduction System is compatible with power injectors. There is no reusable monitor, but the contrast collection bag has a digital display showing the diverted dye volume.

Care pathway

2.3 People having contrast agents for non-emergency imaging should be assessed for their risk of AKI in line with NICE's guideline on acute kidney injury. Chronic kidney disease should be investigated by measuring estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) or by checking an eGFR result from the past 3 months. Emergency imaging should not be delayed but clinicians should be aware of who is at increased risk of developing contrast-induced AKI. Risk reduction strategies, including oral hydration before and after procedures, and intravenous volume expansion with isotonic sodium bicarbonate or 0.9% sodium chloride, should be considered in anyone at risk. DyeVert Systems are designed to be used in addition to these risk reduction strategies.

Innovative aspects

2.4 The company says that DyeVert Systems are non-invasive technologies that reduce contrast media, with real-time contrast media dose monitoring. The system reduces the total contrast media volume delivered during coronary or peripheral imaging while maintaining adequate image quality.

Intended use

2.5 DyeVert Systems would be used to reduce the total contrast media volume delivered during coronary or peripheral imaging in people identified as at risk of contrast-induced AKI. It can be added to the equipment currently used for angiography procedures.


2.6 The DyeVert Systems cost £350 (excluding VAT) per procedure. This includes the diversion module, contrast collection bag, smart syringe (for DyeVert Plus EZ) and reusable monitor (for DyeVert Plus EZ).

For more details, see the website for DyeVert Systems.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)