2 The technology


2.1 Prontosan (B Braun) is a range of topical solutions and gels used for cleansing, rinsing and moistening acute and chronic wounds. Prontosan includes:

  • Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution, which is used for rinsing wounds or applied to gauze as a soak. It is available as a 350 ml bottle, as 40 ml single-use pods and as a 1,000 ml bottle for instillation.

  • Prontosan Wound Gel, which is applied to the wound bed after cleansing, during dressing changes and before further dressings are applied. It is available as a 30 ml bottle. It can be used in deep and tunnelling wounds, wound cavities or wounds that are difficult to access.

  • Prontosan Wound Gel X (extra thick gel), which is applied in the same way as the Wound Gel. It is available as a 50 g or 250 g tube. It can be used in flat wounds or wounds with a large surface area, such as leg ulcers.

2.2 Prontosan received a CE mark in February 2009 as a class 3 medical device. The CE mark covers the Prontosan solution and gels.

Innovative aspects

2.3 The solution and gels contain an antimicrobial polyhexanide (0.1% polyhexamethylene biguanide) and a betaine surfactant (0.1% undecylenamidopropyl betaine). Prontosan is the only wound cleansing solution or gel that contains these 2 active ingredients. The company claims they work together to prevent biofilm forming in the wound bed and break it down if it has formed. The company claims that it cleanses and removes slough, devitalised tissue and other wound debris.

Intended use

2.4 Prontosan is intended for cleansing, rinsing or moistening acute and chronic wounds. It can be used by healthcare professionals in community and acute care settings, such as outpatient clinics, hospital inpatient care, GP surgeries, postoperative care and at the patient's home. The company states that brief training may be needed, but this is likely to be unnecessary for staff who are already trained in cleansing wounds with saline or water.


2.5 Prontosan is available in several forms, quantities and costs:

  • Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution: £5.03 for a 350 ml bottle (cost per dressing change £0.57); £0.62 per 40 ml ampoule

  • Prontosan Wound Gel: £6.71 for 30 ml

  • Prontosan Wound Gel X: £12.29 for 50 g (cost per dressing change £2.51); £32.89 for 250 g (cost per dressing change £1.34).

    For more details, see the website for Prontosan.