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Learning more about type 1 diabetes

Learning more about type 1 diabetes

By understanding your type 1 diabetes better, you will be more able to manage it successfully and reduce your risk of short‑term and long-term complications. Learning about your diabetes and how to look after yourself is an essential part of diabetes care.

Between 6 months and a year after you are diagnosed, you should be offered a course to help you improve your understanding of type 1 diabetes and how to manage it in your everyday life. This course should cover:

  • checking your blood glucose levels, and why you should aim to keep them as close to normal as possible

  • using insulin to treat diabetes

  • advice about having a healthy diet and taking exercise.

This course is usually done in a group, as this lets people share their experiences. But if you do not feel comfortable with that you may be able to have training on your own.

If for any reason you do not have the course within a year of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you can still do it at a time that suits you.

You can talk to your diabetes care team about type 1 diabetes at every appointment, and they should give you information that is useful for you. At least once a year you should have the chance to discuss in detail how you are managing with your diabetes and any needs you have.

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