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Your diabetes care team

Your diabetes care team

You will have a diabetes care team of people who are experts in diabetes (which may be called a 'multidisciplinary team'). It will include doctors, nurses and other professionals, such as people who can give you advice about your diet or about looking after your feet. You will generally see your care team at a diabetes clinic (usually at a hospital), but you may have some checks at other places. Your GP will also be involved in your care.

Your diabetes care team will support you to manage your diabetes yourself. If you are worried about your diabetes or any of your symptoms, you should be able to get advice at any time. This could be from a member of your care team in person or by phone during the day. You should be given details of a 24‑hour helpline staffed by people who are experts in diabetes.

Some treatments or care described in this information may not be suitable for you. If you think that your treatment does not match this advice, talk to your diabetes care team.

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