7 Sharing information and continuity of care

7 Sharing information and continuity of care


Ensure effective information sharing and integrated working by sharing clinical records and care and rehabilitation plans promptly between services and through multidisciplinary meetings, either virtual or in person. [2020]


Give people a copy of their care plans or records to keep, including their discharge letters, clinical records and rehabilitation plans and prescriptions. [2020]


Include baseline measures as well as ongoing assessments in information shared between services, including when the person is discharged from hospital. For example, resting oxygen saturation and heart rate, and the results of functional assessment. [2020]


Provide continuity of care with the same healthcare professional or team as much as possible, for example, by providing a care coordinator or a single point of contact. [2020]

For a short explanation of why the panel made these recommendations, see the rationale section on sharing information and continuity of care.

Full details of the evidence and the panel's discussion are in: