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About this information

NICE guidelines provide advice on the care and support that should be offered to people who use health and care services.

This information explains NICE's advice on the social care and support that should be offered to older people with multiple long-term conditions. It tells you about the care you should expect and helps you think of questions to ask.

To read the advice itself see the older people with social care needs and multiple long-term conditions guideline.

Does it apply to me?

Yes if you have more than one long-term condition (these can include both physical and mental health conditions) and you need social care and support. It may also be useful for your family and carers.

What is a long-term condition?

A long-term condition usually lasts a year or longer and has an impact on your life. The effect of long-term conditions and their symptoms often change over time and you may need to take medicines or other therapies to manage them. It is common now for older people to be living with more than one long-term condition. Examples are arthritis, breathing disorders, cancer, dementia, diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)