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About this information

About this information

NICE gives advice to doctors, nurses and other staff working in health and social care about how to look after people with different conditions.

This information is about the care that NICE says works best for adults, children and young people who need a blood transfusion. It tells you what you should expect and helps you ask questions about transfusions. It doesn't tell you what it is like to have a blood transfusion or why you may need one. There is a list of other places you can find out about this in sources of advice and support.

There is also more information in a version of this advice for doctors and nurses about when and how to give people blood transfusions.

Your healthcare team should know about what NICE has said.

Who should read it

NICE's advice on blood transfusions is for anyone older than 1 who may need a transfusion because:

  • they have a condition that stops their blood working properly, such as anaemia (a shortage of red blood cells)

  • they are having an operation and might lose a lot of blood

It does not cover emergency blood transfusions, for example after an accident.

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