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Follow-up checks

Follow-up checks

If you have had treatment for myeloma and it is stable (not getting worse), you should have follow‑up checks at least every 3 months to monitor your myeloma.

If you have smouldering myeloma you should also have follow‑up checks every 3 months, but after 5 years your care team may discuss with you whether you need less or more regular check‑ups.

Follow‑up checks for myeloma and smouldering myeloma should include blood tests and checks to see if you are getting any symptoms. If your team think you may have new bone problems you may be offered MRI, CT or FDG PET-CT scans.

Following up on your treatment

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  • How can I tell if my smouldering myeloma is becoming myeloma and needs treating?

  • Where can I (and my family/carers) find more information?

  • Are there any clinical trials of new treatments I could try?

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