Who will be involved?

Who will be involved?

Depending on the type of help that is needed, you may work with lots of different professionals. They could include:

  • GPs, nurses and specialist doctors such as psychologists and psychiatrists (who specialise in mental health) or paediatricians (who specialise in caring for children)

  • speech and language therapists, physiotherapists (who help with movement) and occupational therapists (who help with normal daily activities)

  • social workers

  • teachers and other people working in education.

Everyone involved should know how the person you are caring for is affected by:

  • their learning disabilities

  • any physical health problems

  • any mental health problems, and how they can get help with these.

Key workers

People with learning disabilities and serious mental health problems should have a key worker. They make sure that all staff involved are working together, and that the care plan is being followed and is helping. The key worker is your main contact, and should make sure any assessments, care and treatments are explained clearly to you and the person you care for.

Leadership team

The leadership team organises all care for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems in your area. It's their job to make sure that care is available for people who need it, and that all staff know what their responsibilities are.

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