Working with you

Working with you

Staff should involve you and the person you care for in all decisions, and answer any questions you have at any point. When talking to you and the person you care for, they should:

  • find out what matters to you

  • give you all the information you need, so you can decide what to do

  • explain why they think a treatment that is mentioned here won't work

  • give you details of who to contact if you have any questions

  • make sure that you understand what they are saying, and have enough time to discuss everything you need.

When discussing possible care and treatments, staff should explain all the options, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. They should make sure that you and the person you care for understand what all meetings, care and treatments are for before they start, and again while they are going on.

Staff should encourage you to get involved, and provide training and support to help you contribute to any care and treatments.

There is more information about how you should be involved in care on our website.

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