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Coming into prison

Coming into prison

A member of the prison healthcare team will ask about your health and lifestyle to see if you will need any extra care or support. They should ask if English is your first language and check if you will need any help to communicate. They should ask about:

  • disabilities (and whether you need to use any special equipment)

  • medicines (what you take, when and how you take it)

  • recent illness or injuries

  • alcohol and drugs

  • your mental health.

Women should be offered a pregnancy test if there's a chance they could be pregnant.

If you have mental health problems staff should talk to you about any risks and how to make sure you and other people stay safe.

If you need any tests or treatment or they should refer you to a doctor or other relevant staff working in the prison. You will be asked if it is OK for staff to get your health records from your usual GP.

You may also have a chest X-ray to check for TB.

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