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While you are in prison

While you are in prison

In your first week, a health worker will give you a health check up. They should check your height, weight and blood pressure. They might do a urine test to check for other health problems, like diabetes.

They should:

  • arrange any medical appointments you need

  • explain how to contact staff in the healthcare team

  • give you information on staying healthy while you're in prison

  • help you make a plan for your care, including ways to cope with any mental health problems.

If you have mental health problems you may be referred for group therapy sessions in prison. If you have used drugs and or alcohol for a while you may be referred for some extra treatment and support.

If you have an ongoing illness, like diabetes or asthma, the healthcare team should check your health regularly.

Taking medicines in prison

If you need to take medicine you might be allowed to keep it with you and take it yourself. If not, a member of the healthcare team will supervise you taking it. They will help you to take it the right way and at the right time.

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