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Spondyloarthritis: the care you should expect

Spondyloarthritis: the care you should expect

This information explains the care that NICE has said works best for people who are 16 and older who have or may have spondyloarthritis (a type of inflammatory arthritis). It will help you, your family and carers know what to expect from health and care services.

Why is this important for you?

NICE aims to help people get the best care no matter who they are or where they live. This NICE advice aims to help healthcare professionals recognise the symptoms of spondyloarthritis, especially symptoms in the back such as pain and stiffness, which may be mistaken for other types of low back pain. This is important so people get the right diagnosis and treatment without delay. For more information, see where can I find out more?

Your healthcare team should know what NICE has said. Talk to a member of your team if you don't think you are getting the care NICE has said you should have.

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