Appendix E Supporting documents

Appendix E Supporting documents

Supporting documents include the following (see supporting evidence):

  • Evidence reviews:

    • Review 1 'Identifying the key elements and interactions of a whole system approach to obesity prevention'

    • Review 2 'The effectiveness of whole system approaches to prevent obesity'

    • Review 3 'Barriers and facilitators to effective whole system approaches'.

  • Review of economic evaluations:

    • 'Whole system approaches to obesity prevention: Review of cost-effectiveness evidence'.

  • Economic modelling:

    • 'Cost effectiveness analysis in partnership working for reducing obesity and other long-term conditions'.

  • Commissioned report:

    • 'Implementing community-wide action to prevent obesity: opinions and experiences of local public health teams and other relevant parties'.

  • Expert testimony:

    • Expert paper 1: 'Whole systems – adapted and designed'

    • Expert paper 2: 'Lessons from tobacco control'

    • Expert paper 3: 'Systems and system failure'

    • Expert paper 4: 'Whole system approaches to obesity – progress and future plans'

    • Expert paper 5: 'Insight, experiences and evidence of the Childhood Obesity National Support Team'

    • Expert paper 6: 'Cycling cities/cycling demonstration towns initiative'

    • Expert paper 7: 'The contribution of health trainers, community health champions and the general public'

    • Expert paper 8: 'Well London'

    • Expert paper 9: 'Tower Hamlets healthy borough programme'

    • Expert paper 10: 'Healthy places, healthy lives – tackling childhood obesity in Luton case study'

    • Expert paper 11: 'Exeter cycling demonstration town 2005 to 2011'

    • Expert paper 12: 'Commissioning – learning from Sheffield and Rotherham'

    • Expert paper 13: 'Evaluation in Hull'

    • Expert paper 14: 'Working in partnership: An example from a rural area – South Gloucestershire'

    • Expert paper 15: 'Tackling obesity in a rural county'

    • Expert paper 16: 'West and Mid Essex local commissioning experience'

    • Expert paper 17: 'Effective partnership working and stakeholder engagement in the delivery of obesity prevention and treatment programmes in Kirklees'

    • Expert paper 18: 'Short paper on organisational issues'

    • Expert paper 19: 'Evaluating complex community-based interventions (CBIs) for obesity prevention'.

  • A pathway for professionals whose remit includes public health and for interested members of the public. This is on the NICE website.

For information on how NICE public health guidance is developed, see:

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)