List of quality statements

List of quality statements

Statement 1. People with a self-limiting condition, as assessed by a primary care prescriber, receive advice about self-management and adverse consequences of overusing antimicrobials.

Statement 2. Prescribers in primary care can use back-up (delayed) antimicrobial prescribing when there is clinical uncertainty about whether a condition is self-limiting or is likely to deteriorate.

Statement 3. People prescribed an antimicrobial have the clinical indication, dose and duration of treatment documented in their clinical record.

Statement 4. People in hospital who are prescribed an antimicrobial have a microbiological sample taken and their treatment reviewed when the results are available.

Statement 5. Individuals and teams responsible for antimicrobial stewardship monitor data and provide feedback on prescribing practice at prescriber, team, organisation and commissioner level.

Statement 6 (developmental statement). Prescribers in secondary and dental care use electronic prescribing systems that link indication with the antimicrobial prescription.