Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 Children and young people who do not attend their immunisation appointment are followed up with a written recall invitation and a phone call or text message.

Statement 2 Children and young people identified as having missed a childhood vaccination are offered the outstanding vaccination.

Statement 3 Children and young people receiving a vaccination have it recorded in their GP record, the child health information system (CHIS) and in their personal child health record.

Statement 4 Children and young people have their immunisation status checked at specific educational stages.

Statement 5 Young offenders have their immunisation status checked on entry into a secure setting and are offered any outstanding vaccinations.

NICE has developed guidance and a quality standard on patient experience in adult NHS services (see the NICE pathway on patient experience in adult NHS services), which should be considered alongside these quality statements.

Other quality standards that should be considered when commissioning or providing immunisation services include:

A full list of NICE quality standards is available from the quality standards topic library.