Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 People with suspected eating disorders who are referred to an eating disorder service start assessment and treatment within 4 weeks for children and young people or a locally agreed timeframe for adults.

Statement 2 People with eating disorders have a discussion with a healthcare professional about their options for psychological treatment.

Statement 3 People with binge eating disorder participate in a guided self-help programme as first-line psychological treatment.

Statement 4 Children and young people with bulimia nervosa are offered bulimia-nervosa-focused family therapy (FT-BN).

Statement 5 People with eating disorders who are being supported by more than one service have a care plan that explains how the services will work together.

Statement 6 People with eating disorders who are moving between services have their risks assessed.

NICE has developed guidance and a quality standard on service user experience in adult mental health services (see the NICE Pathway on service user experience in adult mental health services), which should be considered alongside these quality statements.

Other quality standards that should be considered when commissioning or providing eating disorder services include:

A full list of NICE quality standards is available from the quality standards topic library.