Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 People presenting with erythema migrans are diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease based on clinical assessment, without laboratory testing.

Statement 2 People with suspected Lyme disease without erythema migrans who have a negative enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test carried out within 4 weeks of their symptoms starting have the test repeated 4 to 6 weeks later if Lyme disease is still suspected.

Statement 3 People with Lyme disease have initial antibiotic treatment, with the antibiotic, dosage and duration determined by their symptoms.

Statement 4 Local authorities organise health promotion activities in conjunction with organisations in their area to raise public awareness about how to prevent Lyme disease.

NICE has developed guidance and a quality standard on patient experience in adult NHS services (see the NICE Pathway on patient experience in adult NHS services), which should be considered alongside these quality statements.

Other quality standards that should be considered when commissioning or providing services for Lyme disease include NICE's quality standard on antimicrobial stewardship.

A full list of NICE quality standards is available from the quality standards topic library.