Appendix C. List of organisations involved in this appraisal

The following organisations are consultees/commentators in this appraisal. They were invited to comment on the ACD and supporting evidence. Consultees are also invited to appeal against the final appraisal determination.

I) Professional/specialist and patient/carer groups:

  • British Committee for Standards in Haematology

  • Cancer Networks Pharmacists Forum

  • Cancer Research UK

  • Royal College of Nursing

  • Royal College of Pathologists

  • Royal College of Radiologists

  • Cancerbackup


  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Support Association

  • Leukaemia CARE

III) Other consultee organisations:

  • Department of Health

  • Welsh Assembly Government

III) Commentator organisations (without the right of appeal):

  • British National Formulary

  • NHS Quality Improvement Scotland

  • Janssen-Cilag Ltd

  • Roche Products Ltd

  • Liverpool Review and Implementation Group, University of Liverpool

  • National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment

  • National Collaborating Centre for Cancer