Multiple myeloma - bortezomib: review decision - November 2012

Review of NICE Technology Appraisal Guidance No.129; Bortezomib monotherapy for relapsed multiple myeloma, and No.171; Lenalidomide for the treatment of multiple myeloma in people who have received at least one prior therapy

The Institute was proposing that both pieces of guidance should be transferred to the ‘static guidance list’.

During consultation, many of the comments supported the proposal.  However, one stakeholder response suggested that an update of TA171 is required as the marketing authorisation for lenalidomide also includes treatment after one prior therapy.  This was not originally considered during the development of TA171 but since the publication of TA171, NICE has recommended first line treatment with bortezomib in TA228 for people who are unable to tolerate or have contraindications to thalidomide. 

After consideration of all of the comments (attached as appendix A), the Institute’s Guidance Executive has decided that there is no evidence to warrant an update of the existing recommendations from TA129 and TA171, and consequently they should both move to the ‘static guidance list’ as initially recommended, but a part review of TA171 should be undertaken to assess lenalidomide as a treatment for multiple myeloma following treatment with bortezomib.

TA129 and TA171 will be moved to the ‘static guidance list’ which can be found here.  A part review of TA171 for the treatment of multiple myeloma following treatment with bortezomib will be scheduled into the technology appraisals work programme.

November 2012

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