A list of downloadable documents created during development.

Multiple myeloma - bortezomib: appraisal consultation

Letter sent to consultees and commentators updating them on the status of the appraisal

Letter to Department of Health following Appeal Panel decision

Letter to consultees and commentators requesting views on unlicensed use

Letter to Janssen-Cilag (Ortho Biotech) following Appeal Panel decision requesting additional cost effectiveness evidence

Letter to Welsh Assembly Government following Appeal Panel decision

Multiple myeloma - bortezomib: Appeal panel decision

Appeal by Janssen-Cilag Ltd

Joint appeal by the Royal College of Pathologists and the British Society for Haematology

Covering letter for joint appeal by Myeloma UK, Cancerbackup and Leukaemia CARE

Joint appeal by Myeloma UK, Cancerbackup and Leukaemia CARE

Letter to John Redwood referenced in Myeloma UK joint submission

Appeal by UK Myeloma Forum

Appeal against bortezomib monotherapy for relapsed multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma - bortezomib: Appraisal consultation document

Evidence considered