A list of downloadable documents created during development.

Gastrointestinal stromal tumours - imatinib (adjuvant) (rev TA196) [ID696]: equality impact assessment - guidance development

Imatinib for the adjuvant treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumours (review of TA196): appraisal consultation

GIST- imatinib (adjuvant) (rev TA196): equality impact assessment - scoping

GIST- imatinib (adjuvant) (rev TA196): final scope

GIST- imatinib (adjuvant) (rev TA196): final matrix

GIST- imatinib (adjuvant) (rev TA196): response to consultee and commentator comments on the draft scope and provisional matrix

GIST - imatinib (adjuvant) (rev TA196): draft scope (post-referral)

GIST - imatinib (adjuvant) (rev TA196): provisional matrix (post-referral)