8 Sources of evidence considered by the Committee

A. The Evidence Review Group (ERG) report for this appraisal was prepared by Peninsula Technology Assessment group (PenTAG)

  • Hoyle M, Long L, Huxley N. et al. Obinutuzumab in combination with chlorambucil for previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: a critique of the submission from Roche, August 2014

B. The following organisations accepted the invitation to participate in this appraisal as consultees and commentators. They were invited to comment on the draft scope, the ERG report and the appraisal consultation document (ACD). Organisations listed in I were also invited to make written submissions. Organisations listed in II and III had the opportunity to make written submissions. Organisations listed in I, II and III also have the opportunity to appeal against the final appraisal determination.

I. Company:

  • Roche Products

II. Professional/specialist and patient/carer groups:

  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Support Association (CLLSA)

  • Leukaemia Care

  • Lymphoma Association

  • Cancer Research UK

  • Royal College of Nursing

  • Royal College of Pathologists

  • Royal College of Physicians

  • The British Society of Haematology

III. Other consultees:

  • Department of Health

  • Welsh Government

  • NHS England

IV. Commentator organisations (did not provide written evidence and without the right of appeal):

  • Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety – Northern Ireland (DHSSPSNI)

  • Health Improvement Scotland

C. The following individuals were selected from clinical expert and patient expert nominations from the consultees and commentators. They gave their expert personal view on obinutuzumab by attending the initial Committee discussion and providing a written statement to the Committee. They were also invited to comment on the ACD.

  • Dr Claire Dearden, Consultant Haematologist, nominated by the Royal College of Physicians – clinical expert

  • Jacky Wilson, nominated by the Lymphoma Association – patient expert

D. Representatives from the following company attended Committee meetings. They contributed only when asked by the Committee chair to clarify specific issues and comment on factual accuracy.

  • Roche Products

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)