5 Recommendations for further research

5.1 Further good-quality studies are needed in the following areas.

  • To investigate whether titrated-dose GH therapy improves QoL more than placebo in GH-deficient adults, and to quantify the treatment effect more accurately.

  • To ascertain the most sensitive way of measuring the QoL gain in GH-treated adults, particularly with regard to generating preference-based utilities.

  • To investigate the relationship between SMR and GH deficiency for both adult-onset and childhood-onset GH deficiency, as well as for different subgroups.

  • To investigate whether patients with MPHD and idiopathic isolated GH deficiency have different treatment requirements, in order to achieve cost effective use of GH treatment.

  • To investigate whether different treatment criteria are warranted for childhood and adult onset GH deficiency, in order to optimise the benefits from GH treatment.