5 Recommendations for further research

5 Recommendations for further research

5.1 It is strongly advised that a national registry should be set up to provide valuable information on the long-term effectiveness of imatinib treatment. It is also strongly recommended that data collection from original registration studies should be continued in order to:

  • investigate the comparative long-term efficacy of imatinib in terms of QoL and survival, for all phases of CML

  • investigate the adverse effects and the potential for the development of treatment resistance of long-term imatinib use.

5.2 Further good-quality studies are also needed to investigate:

  • the efficacy of imatinib in combination with other treatment options

  • the clinical and cost effectiveness of dose escalation (within licensed indications)

  • the need for, and duration of, long-term imatinib therapy in those who respond to initial treatment

  • the definition of inadequate response to imatinib treatment.