1 Guidance

1 Guidance

November 2010: This guidance has been partially updated by 'Imatinib for the treatment of unresectable and/or metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumours' (NICE technology appraisal guidance 209), as shown below.

1.1 Imatinib treatment at 400 mg/day is recommended as first-line management of people with KIT (CD117)-positive unresectable and/or KIT (CD117)-positive metastatic gastro-intestinal stromal tumours (GISTs).

1.2 Continuation with imatinib therapy is recommended only if a response to initial treatment is achieved within 12 weeks.

1.3 Responders should be assessed at intervals of approximately 12 weeks thereafter. Continuation of treatment is recommended at 400 mg/day until the tumour ceases to respond.

1.4 An increase in the dose of imatinib is not recommended for people receiving imatinib who develop progressive disease after initially responding.

1.5 This recommendation has been updated and replaced by NICE technology appraisal guidance 209.

1.6 The use of imatinib should be supervised by cancer specialists with experience in the management of people with unresectable and/or metastatic GISTs.