Drug misuse prevention - nightclub setting - 200x200

Local authorities need to work together with nightclubs and gyms to prevent drug misuse

Gyms, nightclubs and festivals should display posters and mount social media campaigns to highlight the risks of drug misuse, a new guideline from NICE says.

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child abuse

NICE guidelines aim to improve how children at risk of abuse or neglect are helped and supported

NICE is producing new guidelines to help people who work with children spot and stop abuse or neglect.

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Cancer tests 200x200

NICE recommends wider use of tests to detect cancer-causing genetic condition

NICE has published diagnostics guidance recommending that everyone who is diagnosed with colorectal cancer should be tested for an inherited genetic condition called Lynch syndrome (LS).

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baby with mum and doctor_resized

NICE seeks to support new mothers with mental health problems

NICE is calling on general practice staff to assess the mental health of all women who have recently given birth, as fears some may be left unsupported.

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