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NICE's chief executive, Sam Roberts

Reflecting on our highlights in 2023

In this feature article Dr Sam Roberts, our chief executive, takes a look back at our achievements over the past 12 months.

Date published:
An elderly couple viewing medical information on an ipad

Setting up Greater Manchester’s first virtual wards

We listen to Bushra Alum, Greater Manchester ICS Clinical Lead for Virtual Wards, as she describes some of the challenges, benefits and considerations of implementing this new model of care.

Date published:
Sarah Brown

Market access planning with Organon

We speak with Sarah Brown, Organon’s access lead for the UK and Ireland. Sarah explains how NICE Advice, NICE's refreshed support service for the life sciences industry, brought together the best people to help inform Organon’s market access planning.

Date published:
NICE International welcomes the Ukrainian delegation

Supporting Ukraine's healthcare ambitions

We explore NICE International’s collaboration with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. The team has been working with them to help embed health technology assessment processes in the country.

Date published:
A hand wearing a medical glove holding a vial of MMR vaccine and a syringe

Improving vaccine uptake in south west England

A case study on how an NHS England team in south west England used NICE products to support increasing uptake of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine across the region.

Date published:
NICE colleagues sharing their expertise with the Argentine Ministry of Health

Supporting evidence-based decision-making in Argentina

In this case study, we explore NICE International’s collaboration with the Argentine Ministry of Health. We've been working together to strengthen Argentina's decision-making processes in the development of evidence-based recommendations.

Date published:
Person using a calendar, to make plans.

Planning for the future – a resource impact case study

Mohammed Asghar, prescribing governance lead at Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System, and Carolyn Craven, prescribing support pharmacist at Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership, discuss our resource planning tools.

Date published:
closeup of latin america on model globe

Health technology assessment in Latin America

In this case study, we explore NICE International's collaboration with several Latin American countries. This work focuses on challenging aspects of health technology assessment.

Date published:
Group shot of the NICE international delegation at Indian Health Outcomes

Developing and adapting clinical guidelines in India

We explore NICE International's collaboration with the Indian Health Outcomes, Public Health and Economics Research Centre. This project focuses on providing support for guideline development in the field of eye health.

Date published:
A map of Egypt

Implementing health technology assessment in Egypt

Learn about NICE International’s work with the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, Medical Supply and the Management of Medical Technology. We’ve been working collaboratively to implement health technology assessment in the country.

Date published:
3 delegates chatting at one of the seminars in Cyprus

Contextualising NICE guidelines in Cyprus

We reveal how NICE International has been working with Cyprus' Health Insurance Organisation to develop clinical guidelines and quality performance indicators.

Date published:
A product shot of the Zio XT biosensor patch

Zio XT - From NICE digital health pilot to AI Award winner

iRhythm Technologies was the first company to take their artificial intelligence (AI) technology – Zio XT – through the NICE digital health technologies guidance development pilot. We speak to the team involved to learn about iRhythm’s journey through the NICE guidance process and to hear about what’s next for this innovative technology as part of the AI in Health and Care Award.

Date published:
Screenshots of the HeartFlow app on PC, mobile and tablet

HeartFlow’s journey from NICE guidance to MedTech Funding Mandate

We chat with Gina McDonald Main and Campbell Rogers from HeartFlow. They reflect on their product’s journey through our Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme and provide advice for other medical technology companies considering submitting their product for NICE evaluation.

Date published: