NICE process and methods

3 Project planning

3.1 Project timeline

A high-level timeline is produced once the good practice guidance (GPG) topic is formally selected. A detailed project timeline is then developed once work on the project starts.

3.2 Project plan

Preparing the project plan is 1 of the first steps in developing the GPG. The plan describes the rationale for the project, key outputs and requirements for delivery of the project outputs.

The project plan contains the following sections and information:

  • Background to the project

  • Key objectives, outlining the purpose

  • The scope

  • How the project will be delivered

  • The NICE project team

  • Process being followed

  • Guidance Development Group (GDG) requirements

  • The mix of skills and experience needed on the GDG

  • Estimated costs for delivery

  • Work schedule

  • Specific development process and project timeline

  • Risks associated with project delivery

  • Project approval.

The NICE project team will use a standard project plan template for each GPG.

3.3 Communications

3.3.1 Working with other NICE teams

Once the project timeline has been agreed, it is communicated across NICE so that all relevant teams are aware of the project in development. NICE teams can include:

  • Implementation team

  • Public Involvement Programme

  • Publishing team

  • External Communications

  • Clinical Guidelines and Technology Appraisals

  • Quality Standards

  • Evidence Resources and Information Services.

A GPG lead is identified in each of these teams. The NICE project team liaises with these leads throughout the development of the GPG. An overview of the key tasks of the teams is included in table 1.1.