Quality standard consultations

Comment on draft quality standards by taking part in a consultation.

We need to know if the quality statements in each draft standard are:

  • priority areas for quality improvements 
  • important to the service,  patients, service users and carers
  • achievable.

Sometimes we ask specific questions, such as:

  • which quality statements are most important, and why?
  • are any important areas of care or service provision missing?
  • are the proposed measures appropriate?

We also accept feedback and comments on individual quality statements.

How to comment

  1. Find the topic from the list of quality standards in development or from our open consultations
  2. Register your organisation as a stakeholder for the topic.
  3. Follow the instructions on how to submit comments - these are published on each consultation page.

Quality standard consultations are open for 1 month. We can only accept your comments during this time.

What happens next?

The quality standard advisory committee meets to  review the consultation comments, along with any other further information. Once any changes have been made, the draft is then sent for validation, checking and approval. 

We will publish:

  • the minutes of this meeting  
  • the summary of consultation comments. 

View a timeline of the development process.

Other ways to get involved

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