How we assess the resource impact of guidance

Our process manuals describe the role of NICE in estimating the resource impact of NICE guidance and the processes we follow to do this. 

Technology appraisals and highly specialised technologies

 Assessing resource impact process manual: technology appraisals and highly specialised technologies  (PDF)

This should be read in conjunction with the:

 TA and HST budget impact test procedure  (PDF)

NICE guidelines

 Assessing resource impact process manual: guidelines  (PDF)

NICE provides estimates of the costs or savings (resource impact) of implementing NICE guidance. An initial forecast of resource impact is shown in the NICE Resource planner. When guidance is published, a final resource impact report is produced. Some published guidance also has a resource impact template.

The resource planner

Published Wednesday 31 May 2017. Next edition will publish on Wednesday 05 July 2017.

If you plan for and implement NICE guidance, our resource planner will help you by:

  • listing upcoming guidance with indicative costs or savings for England, based on the draft guidance (if published)
  • summarising the resource implications of published guidance that organisations may still be implementing.

Recent improvements to the resource planner include:

  • financial planning time frames consistent with health and social care organisations
  • new worksheets showing previous, current and future financial years
  • resource impact profiles showing costs and savings over 5 years where possible
  • colour coded categories showing cost saving, cost neutral, low cost, medium cost, and high cost guidance
  • published quality and productivity and Cochrane case studies.

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Cost saving guidance

In recognition of the challenging financial situation that the NHS is facing, we have highlighted guidance which may be cost saving.

Find out more about cost saving guidance.

Resource impact reports and templates

Resource impact reports

These reports summarise the resource impact of implementing NICE guidance. National estimates using assumptions about the resource impact are fully explained. Reports may be supported by Resource impact templates (see below).

Resource impact template (Microsoft Excel document)

These templates are available when it has been possible to quantify resource impact and when the impact is considered to be significant. In some instances, the major cost drivers are identified for completion at a local level and you can amend the template to reflect the local population for an estimate of the local resource impact.

Resource impact templates are based on the population of England and they can be amended to estimate the resource impact for the population of Wales and Northern Ireland.

Resource impact report and templates (and some older costing tools) are accessible through the tools and resources tabs on individual guidance and standards pages.

NICE Savings and productivity collection

Cost saving and improvement resources are in one place. You can search the savings and productivity collection for cost saving guidance and quality & productivity case studies. To get started, go to the savings and productivity collection.

Quality and productivity cost saving tool

Use the quality and productivity cost savings tool to estimate the savings you could make by implementing quality and productivity case studies in your service.

Resource impact of NICE guidance - free learning event

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Help implement NICE guidance - join the NICE Adoption and Impact Programme Reference Panel

We are looking for professional members to join the panel. You will be currently directly employed by the NHS, social care or a local authority. You should have knowledge and experience in either managing or providing health, public health or social care services, commissioning or finance. Membership of the reference panel will give you the opportunity to support us in the assessment of resource impact of NICE guidance.

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