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Learn how we assess the resource impact of our guidance

Come to one of our free events to:

  • see the tools available to help you plan for and implement NICE guidance
  • hear how our guidance is developed
  • learn how health economics is used in guidance development.

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Super event – would be of benefit to a broad audience including finance, pharmacy and business managersDelegate at 2016 learning event

What do the events cover?

The learning events feature speaker presentations and facilitated interactive sessions run by members of the NICE team.

We explain how we estimate the costs or savings of technology appraisals, highly specialised technologies and NICE guidelines and what this means for commissioners and service providers.

You'll have the opportunity to:

  • ask questions of the team and our business analysts who develop our resource impact assessment tools
  •  gain hands-on experience by testing our tools and templates
  • discuss with colleagues how providers and commissioners can work together to implement guidance
  • find out how you can support us in the development of our resource impact tools.

Our next events: a deeper dive into resource impact tools

An in depth look at using resource impact tools to commission and deliver services

Wednesday 26 June 2019 in Manchester

Wednesday 10 July 2019 in London

10am to 1.30pm

1.30pm to 2.30pm: ask the analyst open session

This event will be useful if you:

  • have attended an introductory learning event and want a deeper look at using the tools more effectively
  • use the tools and templates regularly in your work
  • would like the opportunity to put questions to one of our analysts.

You'll have an opportunity to gain experience of using the tools in everyday scenarios. We'll show you how resource impact templates are used:

  • to forecast costs over time
  • by providers, for multi-commissioners and at different levels
  • with confidential prices
  • to show difference service models.

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To book your place, complete the registration form and return to resourceimpactassessment@nice.org.uk.