Costs: charging for technology appraisals and highly specialised technologies

We now charge for our technology appraisal (TA) and highly specialised technology evaluations (HST).

In November 2023, we held a consultation on several proposed changes to cost recovery. A summary of the key themes arising, including our written response and a webinar recording are now available.  

The changes described in the response document, including the 2024/25 fees, will come into effect from 1 April 2024. 

Charging procedure and timelines

Our charging procedures provide full details of our charging terms and conditions. 

The timelines show where in the evaluation process companies will be charged.

What are the fees?

Standard fees

ProductLarge companies
Small companies
Single technology appraisals (STA) and highly specialised technology evaluations (HST) £186,100 £46,525
Cost comparison (CC) and Rapid reviews (RR) £130,300 £32,575
Change fee £9,305 £2,326

Eligible small companies will receive a 75% discount and can choose to pay in instalments.

Fees for multiple technology appraisals

Fees are split between participating companies, participating eligible small companies will receive the 75% discount.

ProductLarge companies
Multiple technology appraisals (MTA) – standard (covers up to 3 technologies) £279,200
Multiple technology appraisals (MTA) – complex (covers more than 3 technologies) £372,200

Are the charges mandatory?

Yes, the charges are mandatory as per The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2018. We reserve the right to pause the evaluation if payment is not received by the deadline provided.

Help and advice

Please contact if you have any questions about our charging process.

Updated: March 2024