We now charge for our technology appraisal (TA) and highly specialised technologies (HST) assessments.

Assessments with a formal start date (invitation to participate) on or after 1 April 2019 will be subject to the charge.

Small companies will receive a 75% discount and can choose to pay in instalments.

Our charging procedures

Full details of our charging terms and conditions.

Technology appraisals - charging procedure

Highly specialised technologies - charging procedure

What are the costs?


2019/20 charges (excluding VAT)


Larger companies

Small companies

Single technology appraisals (STA)



Single highly specialised technologies (HST) evaluations



Fast track appraisals (FTA) / Rapid reviews (RR) / Cancer Drugs Fund reviews (CDF-R)



Multiple technology appraisals (MTA) – standard (up to 3 technologies)

Charges are split between participating companies and the 75% discount applies to any participating small companies.

Multiple technology appraisals (MTA) – complex (more than 3 technologies)

Charges are split between participating companies and the 75% discount applies to any participating small companies.

Are the charges mandatory?

Yes, once a technology has been formally referred to us for assessment from the Secretary of State. We reserve the right to pause the assessment if payment is not received by the deadline we've provided.

Where an assessment requires substantially different resource to that of a standard assessment, alternative cost models may be explored by NICE using a methodology consistent with Managing Public Money.

Timings for charging

Companies contacted at the start of our process

We contact companies at the start of our process to let them know that their technology is being considered for assessment. This is to make companies aware that their technology is in line to be assessed and explain our charging procedure.

Payment due before the start of the assessment 

After we have received a formal referral to assess a technology by the Secretary of State, payment will be requested and is required before the start of the assessment.

We send details of charges and how to pay directly to the company.

We expect payment within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.

Charging timelines

Our timelines show where in our assessment process companies will be charged.

Technology appraisal timelines

The timelines cover:

  • cancer technologies
  • non-cancer technologies
  • the charging points for small companies.

View TA charging timelines

Highly specialised technologies timelines

The timelines cover:

  • highly specialised technologies
  • the charging points for small companies that pay through instalments.

View HST charging timelines

Help for small companies


Small companies will receive a discount of 75% of the cost of an assessment.

Phased payments

Small companies have the option to spread the cost through instalments:

  • 40% of the charge at the start
  • 50% when NICE first meets to consider the recommendation (normally around halfway through our process)
  • 10% immediately before publication of the final recommendation.

What is classed as a small company?

A small company must meet at least 2 out of 3 of the following conditions:

  • annual turnover: not more than £10.2m
  • balance sheet total: not more than £5.1m
  • average number of employees: not more than 50.

As defined in Section 382 of the Companies Act 2006.

Help and advice

For questions about our charging process contact: TAHSTcharging@nice.org.uk