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    The content on this page is not current guidance and is only for the purposes of the consultation process.

    Process Overview

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is producing guidance on using Alpha-Stim AID for anxiety disorders in the NHS in England. The medical technologies advisory committee has considered the evidence submitted by the company and the views of expert advisers.

    This document has been prepared for public consultation. It summarises the evidence and views that have been considered, and sets out the recommendations made by the committee. NICE invites comments from the public. This document should be read along with the evidence (see the committee papers).

    The advisory committee is interested in receiving comments on the following:

    • Has all of the relevant evidence been taken into account?

    • Are the summaries of clinical and resource savings reasonable interpretations of the evidence?

    • Are the recommendations sound and a suitable basis for guidance to the NHS?

    • Are there any equality issues that need special consideration and are not covered in the medical technology consultation document?

    Note that this document is not NICE's final guidance on Alpha-Stim AID for anxiety disorders. The recommendations in section 1 may change after consultation.

    After consultation the committee will meet again to consider the evidence, this document and comments from the public consultation. After considering the comments, the committee will prepare its final recommendations which will be the basis for NICE's guidance on the use of the technology in the NHS in England. For further details, see the medical technologies evaluation programme process and methods guides.

    The key dates for this guidance topic are: 9 October 2020

    Closing date for comments: 6 November 2020

    Second committee meeting: 11 December 2020

    Details of the advisory committee are given in section 5.

    NICE medical technologies guidance addresses specific technologies notified to NICE by companies. The 'case for adoption' is based on the claimed advantages of introducing the specific technology compared with current management of the condition. This case is reviewed against the evidence submitted and expert advice.

    If the case for adopting the technology is supported, the specific recommendations are not intended to limit use of other relevant technologies that may offer similar advantages. If the technology is recommended for use in research, the recommendations are not intended to preclude the use of the technology in the NHS but to identify further evidence which, after evaluation, could support a recommendation for wider adoption.