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How the framework was developed

How the framework was developed


We developed the framework by collating research and existing best-practice guidance from research or professional organisations and other regulatory or health technology assessment bodies.

We sought feedback on the framework during its development through a series of workshops and through an open public consultation.

We engaged with and received feedback from many stakeholders including:

  • patients and patient organisations

  • health charities

  • healthcare professionals

  • the pharmaceutical and medical technologies industries

  • data controllers and contract research organisations

  • academia

  • international health technology assessment bodies

  • UK health system partners

  • NICE committee members.

We revised the framework based on the feedback we received.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the development and review of the real-world evidence framework.

NICE development team

Seamus Kent, Lynne Kincaid, Manuj Sharma, Shaun Rowark, Stephen Duffield, Vandana Ayyar Gupta, Joanne Glossop, Pall Jonsson