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Your relationships with healthcare professionals

Your relationships with healthcare professionals

Your healthcare team

You may be able to see the same healthcare professional throughout a course of treatment, but it is more likely that you will see several members of a healthcare team. The roles and responsibilities of the various team members should be explained to you.

Feedback and complaints

You should be encouraged to give feedback about your care. Healthcare professionals should respond to this feedback. You should be provided with information about complaints procedures if necessary.

Sharing of information

Everyone involved in your care should have an understanding of your history, your condition, and any tests and treatments you have had.

Sometimes you may need to see different healthcare professionals at different places – for example, your GP and a hospital doctor, or staff in different clinics if you are being treated for more than one condition. These healthcare professionals should share relevant information with each other, and work together so that you receive the best care with the least possible delay or disruption for you. If necessary, and if you agree, your information may also be shared with social care professionals.

You (and your family members and/or carers if appropriate) should be given information about what to do and who to contact in different situations, such as 'out of hours' or in an emergency.

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