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Help with basic needs

Making sure that a person's basic needs are met is a vital part of good-quality care. You should get the support you need to be as independent as possible, and you should get help to carry out everyday tasks if necessary, particularly if you are in hospital.

Personal care

If you need help with personal care (for example, relating to continence, personal hygiene and comfort), you should be asked regularly about what help you need. You should get help when you need it, and your privacy should be respected.

Food and drink

When you are in hospital, healthcare professionals or other staff should make sure that you have enough food and drink, which is placed so that you can reach it easily. They should encourage you to eat, and if necessary help you to do this.


If you are in pain, healthcare professionals should ask you regularly about this. They should offer you pain relief and adjust the dose as needed.

Medicines for long-term conditions

If you are already taking medicines for a long-term condition when you are admitted to hospital, your doctor or nurse may discuss with you whether you want and are able to carry on being responsible for taking these medicines (rather than staff looking after them).

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