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Helping you to stay well in the future

Helping you to stay well in the future

When you start to feel better, your healthcare team should discuss with you and your parents or carers how you can stay well in the future. Continuing therapy and medication can help (see the section called treating a first episode of psychosis).

If you are of working age, you have not been able to work because of your condition and you wish to return to work or get a job, you should be offered a place on a 'supported employment programme'. This is a type of work scheme. There may also be other types of work schemes available in your local area.

Your physical health

Many children and young people with psychosis or schizophrenia are at risk of physical health problems, such as gaining weight and diabetes, from some antipsychotic medication and because of changes in lifestyle due to their condition. Your GP can help you stay well by checking your physical health at least once a year, including your weight and blood pressure, and giving you blood tests. You should be offered treatment for any physical health problems.

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