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Treatment in hospital

Treatment in hospital

If you go into hospital, the hospital should be suitable for someone of your age. You should be given information about the hospital, the treatments, activities and services available, the rules of the ward, your rights, meal times and when people can visit. You should also be told how often you can expect to meet health and social care professionals. There should be enough time for you to ask questions about the information you are given.

You should be able to continue your education while in hospital and you should be offered creative and social activities as part of your treatment. The hospital team should support you to eat healthily, exercise and stop smoking.

If therapy is started in hospital, it should continue once you have left hospital until you have completed the course.

Health and social care professionals who cared for you before you went into hospital should visit you while you are there.

If you are very unwell and it is thought that there is a risk to yourself or others, you may be given medication to help calm you down (this process is called 'rapid tranquillisation'). Afterwards healthcare professionals should talk to you about what happened and explain why the medication was needed. They should encourage you to talk about your experiences. This will go in the notes about your care.

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