Information for the public

Questions to ask about psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people

These questions may help you discuss your condition or the treatments you have been offered with your healthcare team.

Questions about psychosis, schizophrenia and assessment

  • Can you tell me more about psychosis or schizophrenia?

  • Can you tell me more about what happens during an assessment?

  • Are there any support organisations in my local area?

  • Is there any support to help me to continue my education or find a job?

  • Do you have any information for my parents/carers?

Questions about treatments

  • Why have you decided to offer this treatment?

  • What are the pros and cons of this treatment?

  • What will it involve and how long will it last?

  • How will it help? What effect will it have on my symptoms and everyday life? What sort of improvements can I expect?

  • How long will it take to work?

  • Are there any risks with this treatment?

  • Where is this treatment given?

  • What other treatments are available?

  • What will happen without this treatment?

  • Do you have any more information about the treatment?

Questions about antipsychotic medication

  • How long will I have to take the medication?

  • Are there likely to be problems when I stop the medication?

  • Are there any serious side effects with this medication?

  • What should I do if there are side effects? Should I call the GP, or go to the emergency department at a hospital?

  • Are there any long-term effects of taking antipsychotic medication?

Questions if you are not getting better

  • When should I start to feel better and what should I do if I don't start to feel better by then?

  • Are there different treatments to try?

  • Does the dose of my medication need to be changed?

  • Would more therapy or a different type of therapy help me?

Questions for parents and carers

  • Can I/we have some information about psychosis/schizophrenia and its treatments?

  • What can I/we do to help and support the child/young person with psychosis/schizophrenia?

  • Can you give me/us any information about how to get help and support if the child/young person has a crisis?

  • Is there any additional support that I/we as carer(s) might benefit from or be entitled to?

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