4 Recommendations for further research

Further research is recommended for the following point-of-care tests:

  • Astrego PA‑100 analyser with the PA AST panel U‑0501 (Sysmex Astrego)

  • Uriscreen (Savyon Diagnostics).


4.1 The committee concluded that more data on test accuracy, including how well they identify bacteria and antibiotic susceptibility (if a test has these functions) is needed. It would be beneficial to see data comparing the new point-of-care tests with dipstick testing in the same population.

Antibiotic use

4.2 The committee would also like to see more data on how the new point-of-care tests affect decisions about antibiotic prescribing and antibiotic use. Clinical experts noted the importance of reporting the specific antibiotics used to help understand how the tests affect prescribing behaviour and antimicrobial resistance.