6 Conclusions

6 Conclusions

6.1 The Committee concluded that the evidence shows that the Ambu aScope4 Broncho is an acceptable alternative when a multiple-use fibre optic endoscope is not available to manage unexpected difficult endotracheal intubation and displaced tracheostomies.

6.2 The Committee concluded that, although some cost model parameters were uncertain, the availability of the Ambu aScope4 Broncho in isolated hospital units, obstetric units, operating theatre units and intensive care units is likely to be cost saving.

6.3 The Committee considered that use of the Ambu aScope4 Broncho has particular advantages for replacing dislodged tracheostomy tubes in intensive care units, with potential for significant cost savings in this setting.

6.4 The Committee considered that, because of the serious clinical consequences of inadequate management of unplanned difficult airways, patient safety would be improved by the adoption of the Ambu aScope4 Broncho in all clinical settings studied, particularly in isolated hospital units where there is currently no access to any endoscope.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)