2 The technology


2.1 Leukomed Sorbact (Essity), is a sterile, single-use, bacteria-binding, adhesive-bordered wound dressing. It is used to prevent surgical site infection (SSI) in closed surgical wounds that have low to moderate exudate.

2.2 The dressing comprises an absorbent non-woven wound contact pad and an outer transparent adhesive polyurethane film. The pad is made of a white viscose polypropylene and polyester mesh that is coated with the proprietary compound dialkylcarbamoyl chloride (DACC). DACC is hydrophobic, meaning that it does not mix with water and tends to bind to itself or other hydrophobic materials if water is present. In a moist wound, DACC binds to hydrophobic bacteria and fungi that cause SSI. These bound microorganisms are then removed from the wound site when the dressing is changed. Binding to DACC does not cause bacteria to be lysed (broken open), which avoids causing inflammation at the wound site. The polyurethane film is designed to maintain a moist environment and protect the wound from external contamination. The dressing is available in various sizes.

Innovative aspects

2.3 The innovative aspect is the DACC component. This binds and inactivates bacteria through hydrophobic interaction, which helps to reduce colonisation of the wound by potentially harmful microbes.

Intended use

2.4 Leukomed Sorbact is intended to be applied by a surgeon or theatre nurse in the operating theatre after surgery. It can also be used in the early postoperative period when the dressing needs to be replaced.


2.5 The cost of Leukomed Sorbact is £9.15 per dressing (excluding VAT). There are no other costs for implementing this technology and no training costs. For more details, see the website for Leukomed Sorbact.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)