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When you go home

When you go home

The day you go home you should be given a summary of everything that you have talked about needing when you get home. It should also include the names of everyone who will provide you with treatment and social care support at home and details of other services that might be able to help you.

Your GP should have a copy of this summary within 24 hours of you leaving hospital.

Any specialist equipment and support you need, for example, bars on the walls of your home to help you move around, should be in place ready for when you go home.

If there is a risk that you may need to go back into hospital within a week of going home, your GP or a nurse working in the community should phone or visit you within 3 days, at the latest, to see how you are.

If you are homeless, you should be offered suitable temporary accommodation and support.

If you are coming to the end of your life, you should be offered the support you need so you can die in a place of your choosing.

Questions you or your carer might want to ask

  • Who will care for me at home?

  • Where will I go if I'm homeless?

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