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Reviewing your medicines

Reviewing your medicines

If you are taking several medicines, or you have a long‑term condition, or you are an older person, a health professional – for example, your GP, practice nurse or a pharmacist – may arrange a meeting with you to discuss whether you are getting the best from your medicines. This is called a medication review. Your family members or your carer may be involved in this meeting if it is appropriate.

At this meeting your health professional should:

  • check all the medicines you are taking and check what they are for (including those you don't need a prescription for, such as some painkillers, and complementary medicines such as herbal medicines)

  • check that you understand why you are taking your medicines

  • find out how you feel about taking your medicines

  • check that you still need all the medicines you are taking

  • ask whether you are having problems with any of your medicines

  • ask whether you have had or currently have any risk factors for developing a side effect from your medicines

  • check whether you should have tests to find out how well the medicines are working or if they are causing any side effects.

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