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Arriving at hospital

Arriving at hospital

When you arrive, the hospital staff should be welcoming and help you feel safe. They should explain how to get independent support from someone who can represent your interests, if you want (this is known as advocacy). If you didn't choose to come into hospital they should explain your legal rights and how to appeal against the decision that you need to be there.

The hospital staff should tell you about the ward where you'll be staying, and who to talk to if you're worried or need extra help. They should talk with you about your physical as well as your mental health needs. They should discuss your treatment, care and support including medicines.

Staff should check with you about anything that needs taking care of while you're in hospital, for example how your children will be looked after, or what happens about benefits and rent.

The hospital should give your family or carers the name of someone in your care team who will be their main contact while you're in hospital.

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