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Before you go into hospital

Before you go into hospital

If you have a mental health problem your GP, or someone else in your care team, should arrange an assessment as soon as possible. They should ask you some questions about your mental health problems, your medical history and your general health. They should also ask your family or carers, if you've said this is OK. This information will help your care team to find out what care and support you may need.

Your GP, the hospital and any other services that support you should work together with you to plan the treatment and care that you will have in hospital.

Your care team should involve you in decisions. They should also involve your family or carers, if you've agreed to this.

Questions you or your carer could ask

  • Who can I speak to if I'm worried or need help?

  • Why do I need to go into hospital?

  • How long will I be in hospital?

  • What kind of treatment and care will I have?

  • How can I be involved in decisions about my treatment and care?

  • How can I stay in touch with my family and friends?

  • How do I arrange for my family or friends to visit?

  • What can and can't I do (for example, use my mobile phone)?

  • What support is available after I leave?

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